Sunday, 7 August 2016

Specialized Idoit!

Specialized Idiot!!

You have made our life froward,
as well as absurd,
making everything faster,
with full of shirr!

You have become an intrusion,

bringing in additional burden,
introducing advanced mechanization,
leaving brains modern.

People are turning gloomy,

due to your toxic memory,
we always questioned your hard disc
"When will it eradicate?"

You have become an addiction,

moreover bringing in pathetic scenario,
though you made our life simple,
but now you have toughed it!

Keep people connected,

on an average level,
otherwise it wont be too late
for hazardous cases to invade.

Go away, go away
never come back,
sorry to say
but you need to pack your bag!!
                                                          - Sanjana Bhate