Friday, 26 August 2016

Should I call you an angel?


My mother is a flower garden
of blue, green and red.
I cannot reach to that perfection,
through love or care!
Letting go rude things is her motto,
achieving peace and unity she aims!
Giving her best, she always tries,
nurturing my sweet heart she does.
Encouraging and making me strong
is what she has achieved,
I love you so much my Angel!
She`s always in my heart,
even if we argue, we`ll never be apart!
Her absence kills me,
Her presence annoys.
I love you from bottom of my heart
I will never let you go or lose your way out
because you will be there,
standing with pride and shining eyes,
view of world very dim
with a shinning star of your princess glim!
                                                     - Sanjana Bhate

Monday, 8 August 2016

Life Partner

Life Partner

Life partner is the one who cares
and not the one who scares!
But for her it`s always pain,
she is alone to face the hurricane.

Life partner always supports,
not the one who throws.
A respectful and happy life
was what she always goaled!

Life partner is the one who loves
not the one who scores,
a healthy and peaceful life
was the only thing she owned.

Life partner is the one who praises
and not the one who blazes.
He loves others just for their beauty
and breaks her heart which is filthy!
                                                             - Vishnu Rawat

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Specialized Idoit!

Specialized Idiot!!

You have made our life froward,
as well as absurd,
making everything faster,
with full of shirr!

You have become an intrusion,

bringing in additional burden,
introducing advanced mechanization,
leaving brains modern.

People are turning gloomy,

due to your toxic memory,
we always questioned your hard disc
"When will it eradicate?"

You have become an addiction,

moreover bringing in pathetic scenario,
though you made our life simple,
but now you have toughed it!

Keep people connected,

on an average level,
otherwise it wont be too late
for hazardous cases to invade.

Go away, go away
never come back,
sorry to say
but you need to pack your bag!!
                                                          - Sanjana Bhate

Silent Life

Silent Life

Blue colored water,
Orange colored sky,
Green colored trees,
Silence is spread hereby!

Daily rush,
Imitates to be crushed,
Pleasant air
Swinging through the visage.

Quiet forest,
Silent atmosphere,
Everything has bogged off
Surrounding looks to be pleasant.

Life has began,
Shooting off the tensions,
Sipping a sip of coffee,
along the breeze from dormer.

Chirping of the birds,
Rustling of the leaves,
Dripping of the roof top,
Drizzling of the mist.

Resting on the couch, 
Remembering all the mistakes,
Finding good solutions,
will improve my self-respect!

                                                                      - Sanjana Bhate